About Amorevole… Who we are

Amorevole is a craft workshop which create handmade items with vegetable soap rigorously Made in Italy.

We always distinguished ourself on the market thanks to the high quality products, and the raw materials.Our Items are unique, originals and follow the seasons originality with the raw materials from the nature, compositions, colors, fragrances.

Our craft workshop offer freshners, toilet soap, favors and craft High qualily display.

Each item is an handmade creation and you can choose your favorite from a catalogue which contains more than 200 items.

Every creation is unique and inimitable. Its form, allure, essence are incorporeted into the hand that created its. So is possible to find it in a similar product small differences that characterise its uniqueness.

Our offer is for the sellers that loves the craft creative originality il loro vanto maggiore.
We are able to discharge any request by proposing a vast array of unique items and improving our production.

Discover the Hight Quality of our offer. Become an Amorevole partner and offer your customers unique and inimitable creation.

Craft Workshop

Amorevole | Produzione Saponi Artigianali Profumati | Bologna

Handmade Products…
We Present our Craft Workshop.

Our Craft Workshop offer a wide range handmade items. We are able to discharge any request and we are always looking for new fragrances and new ideas to develop. Our offer include delicious heart-shaped pastries, Car deodorant, until we reach the creations of originals, unique and elegant favors…


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