Amorevole | Produzione Saponi Artigianali Profumati | Bologna

Craft Workshop


Our Craft Workshop offer a wide range handmade items.
We are able to discharge any request and we are always looking for new fragrances and new ideas to develop.

Our offer include delicious heart-shaped pastries, Car deodorant, until we reach the creations of originals, unique and elegant favors. We take care to select the best raw materials and this is our strenght.
We select suppliers very carefully because we want offer the best quality to our customers and our items are always high quality level on market. The packaging is also very important that why our items are always unique.

“If you serve well-finished item to a client he will understand the added value and he will feel fondled and will come back in your shop”.

This is an universal rule , the famous “Fil Rouge” that really ties Amorevole to our customers. Our workshop work so hard day by day for have satisfying customers. Our customers knows that we are the best choice.

Our catalogue offer more than 200 items and is able to satisfy any client’s demands.

Come to our shops and discover together the traditional scent of craft product.
Amorevole: You are unique to us just like our creations.

…About Amorevole

Amorevole | Produzione Saponi Artigianali Profumati | Bologna

Amorevole is craft workshop which produce handmade items with vegetable soap rigorously Made in Italy.

We always distinguish on the market, thanks to the High Quality and selected raw material of our items. Our Items are unique, originals and follow the seasonal originality with the raw materials from the nature, compositions, colors, fragrances.


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Amorevole | Produzione Saponi Artigianali Profumati | Bologna

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We are always looking for new partners.
Do you have a shop or an herbalist’s shop? Contact our agent and he will show you our distributions’ ideas!