Amorevole… Packaging


Our strenght is the handicraft work but the packaging is the famous added
value who exalts the quality of our items.

We take so much care about the presentation of our items.

According to our policy, every Amorevole’s item is furnished into a
beautiful gift boxes
and embellished with different raw materials.

To complete our items we use ribbons, cockades made by the top designers in this area.
The soaps’ stories, are packaged with corrugated paper in different natural colours for make precious the items inside.

Browse our catalogue you will admire our marvellous handicraft creations.

We want remind you that every item is completely handmade, made with vegetable italian soap
and decorated with high quality raw materials.

Amorevole: the care of the details distinguishes our productions.

Craft Workshop

Amorevole | Produzione Saponi Artigianali Profumati | Bologna

Handmade Products…
We Present our Craft Workshop.

Our Craft Workshop offer a wide range handmade items. We are able to discharge any request and we are always looking for new fragrances and new ideas to develop. Our offer include delicious heart-shaped pastries, Car deodorant, until we reach the creations of originals, unique and elegant favors…


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