Raw Material and Unique Products


The originality of shapes, the craftsman processing and selected raw materials: these are our strong points.

We want to promote on the market the incalculably valuable of traditional handcrafted workmanship.

Our products are completely Handmade, they arise from our fantasy and follow the seasons completing numerous colours nuances ,forms, fragrance and fantasy.

We are always looking for new fragrances and the packaging that we create offer to our customers innovative and personalised services. Flowers and seasonal fragrances to inebriate air with a natural perfume; different raw materials to create our items, ribbons, cockades which decorate our creations. Our items are High Quality and designer products, always at the forefront. When you choose our products you can offer to you customers unique, original, handmade, high quality items. Perfumed pastries into an elegant gift box, exclusive,unique and beautiful favors, inebriating soaps, home and car air fresheners perfumed.

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Ti aspettiamo in negozio per riservarti la migliore proposta commerciale.

Amorevole: The Made in Italy tradition “perfumed” of our High Quality.

Citrus From Sicily, sparkling notes for people who love open air life!
Is particularly suitable for kitchen, will fill the room with sun scent.

Aloe, for thousands of years evaluated the cure for all ills, has a specific aroma that not everyone knows. Would appear that has aphrodisiac properties.

White Flawors, gentle and delicate fragrance, evokes feelings of clean and whiteness. It makes more welcoming every room in the house.

Strawberry, the friut and the aroma that everyone loves. Bring spring freshness to the air.

Jojoba, a shrub with numerous beneficial properties which grows in southwest deserts of Arizona and California, his fragrance evokes wellbeing and vitality.

Lavander, this old flower used by our grandmothers for closet and cupboards is an evergreen. A vintage note that perpertuates the tradition.

Fresh Mint, fresh and familiar fragrance, particularly suitable for the living room, or in the car. Everyone loves, without exception.

Blackberry, like all the fruits fragrances has a gentle and tempting tone. It seems like to have a wild bush near you.

White Musk, used for laundry detergents, we associate it with a pleasant sensation of cleanliness. Kept it close to the linen will last the fragrance.

Water lily, grows on the water, almost no one knows his fragrance. Has a fresh and spring-like tone evoking whiteness and perfection.

Pachouli, oriental notes and spiced sensations. This aroma will bring into your house a welcoming and mysterious tone.

Rose, the gift of love. Who doesn’t know this flower’s scent? Gift it to one you love and its scent will fill the heart for long time.

Wild Fig, a gentle fragrance which evoking its fruit, a fresh and colourful tone to take home a good humor.

Parma’s Violet, grandmother’s and girl’s perfume. A little bouquet of violets fill tenderness, their aroma is unmistakable and everyone likes.

Royal Jelly, the fragrance for excellence, remember the honey’s scent but it’s more. An unique sensation which contains a combination of flowers.

Craft Workshop

Amorevole | Produzione Saponi Artigianali Profumati | Bologna

Handmade Products…
We Present our Craft Workshop.

Our Craft Workshop offer a wide range handmade items. We are able to discharge any request and we are always looking for new fragrances and new ideas to develop. Our offer include delicious heart-shaped pastries, Car deodorant, until we reach the creations of originals, unique and elegant favors…


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